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As I mentioned before, the spring weather has not been very “spring like.” It’s been colder than normal, and there have been nights of freezing temperatures and snow flurries. Not exactly ideal conditions for starting our spring crops, which I’ve always been told should be in the ground around the Ides of March.

Because of the wild weather swings, we tried to outsmart Mother Nature and pre-sprout our pea plants. I knew they wouldn’t germinate in the soil when it was that cold outside. And it worked wonderfully!

IMG_9307The basics are pretty easy: take the pea seeds (really just shriveled up peas) and place them in a damp paper towel. If you have two different kinds, I’d suggest labeling them. We just used permanent marker to write on the paper towels before soaking them.

Once the seeds are in place, place them in a covered container (we used a small pyrex bowl, but you could also use a plastic bag) and place them in a warm place. For us, that was the top of the refrigerator. Check on them after a couple of days and dampen the paper towels, if needed. Ours took about three or four days for all the peas to sprout. Once they’re sprouted, plant as soon as possible in the garden.

IMG_9595Ours are up and doing great, even though the day I planted them (March 23), it was spitting snow. But it seems winter has finally released its tenuous grasp on Cincinnati and the weather these past few days has been quite lovely!

Now our only challenge will be trying to figure out how to trellis the peas as they grow because I didn’t think that far ahead when I planted them in the garden.

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It’s been a few weeks since we planted some of our spring crops. Everything is coming up, and the temperatures have been more consistent, which helps.

One problem I noticed is these spots on the broccoli leaves. I’m not sure what they are and haven’t had much luck finding an answer.

White spots and discoloration on the broccoli leaves. Not sure what this is.

White spots and discoloration on the broccoli leaves. Not sure what this is.

My best guess is frost damage from the first week after we transplanted them in the garden. No other plant diseases or leaf disorders seem to match from the various diagnostic tools available online.

We removed the affected leaves from each plant and the broccoli seems healthy, so we’re hoping for the best. All the plants have started growing florets in the center, which is pretty cool to see.

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