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It’s been a few weeks since we planted some of our spring crops. Everything is coming up, and the temperatures have been more consistent, which helps.

One problem I noticed is these spots on the broccoli leaves. I’m not sure what they are and haven’t had much luck finding an answer.

White spots and discoloration on the broccoli leaves. Not sure what this is.

White spots and discoloration on the broccoli leaves. Not sure what this is.

My best guess is frost damage from the first week after we transplanted them in the garden. No other plant diseases or leaf disorders seem to match from the various diagnostic tools available online.

We removed the affected leaves from each plant and the broccoli seems healthy, so we’re hoping for the best. All the plants have started growing florets in the center, which is pretty cool to see.

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On a whim this year, we decided to add Brussels sprouts to our planting list. Both of us really like to eat them but have only ever had the frozen variety from the grocery store.

One of these little caterpillars did all this damage. The bottom right shows complete destruction of our Brussels sprouts.

When we bought our plants this year, Matt noticed the garden center also had sprouts, so we decided to get some. They’re at the back of our lettuce bed in the space vacated by the broccoli we never got to harvest because the squirrels ate all the seeds.

The Brussels sprouts were doing fine for a while but then they started to get holes in the leaves and every few days, more and more of the plant was gone. At first, I suspected slugs because those were a known problem in our gardens.

We lost four of the six Brussels sprouts we planted but found some more at the garden center and replanted.

When we planted the replacements I noticed a tiny green caterpillar near the roots. After a bit of research, I found out that it was the cabbage white butterfly and its larvae causing all the destruction.

One of the “saved” plants, left, and a replacement. Both seem to be doing well.

I started using an insect spray and we haven’t had much of a problem on batch two.¬†Next year, I want to find a better method (preferably organic) to control these and this website¬†looks like a good place to start.

My mom also told me about some kind of dust my grandpa used to use to protect his cabbage and broccoli from being eaten by this cabbage butterfly. She didn’t remember what it was so I’ll have to look it up for next season.

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