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This is a great idea. I might try this when we plant some of our smaller seeds. Thanks to the Looking Out From My Backyard blog for the tip!


We recently returned from a nice getaway to sunny Arizona. Not that our Colorado winter had been too bad this year, but there is something about walking through the department store in February in Arizona and seeing beautiful petunias and marigolds on the shelves. Got my spring fever in high gear! I spent a good portion of the 14 hour drive with my nose shoved firmly into a stack of seed catalogs.

Anyone who has ever planted a carrot seed or a petunia seed, for example, will testify that these seeds are TINY! More than once, I have taken a tweezer and carefully picked up the seed to place into a waiting peat pot. At my age, you need bright light for that!

Since I use block planting in my raised beds, I saw a post that should just make my “tiny seed planting” a bit easier! It is a…

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The seed packets for this year.

I spent some time at one of our local garden centers last weekend and stocked up on seeds for the coming season. Having everything ready to go as the weather warms up makes me excited, and it felt a little like Christmas.

Also picked up another pair of gardening gloves because one always seems to go missing. Maybe our garage with gardening gloves is like a dryer with socks.

Finally, I grabbed a garden claw to help break up the soil, a small hoe to tear up the grass/weeds by our raised beds and another trowel. Ours always seem to bend and break so I spent a little more to get one that is a little sturdier.

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