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Bugs made this into a skeleton leaf

Bugs made this into a skeleton leaf

It’s always hard when you have to pull out plants mid-season. At the beginning, there is so much hope and even wishes of a full recovery, but sometimes it’s best to just face reality. That’s what happened last week when I pulled four of our zucchini and squash plants.

Most of the leaves had been chewed up beyond recognition (thanks, leafhoppers) and the few green leaves in the middle were just too small to sustain a healthy and viable plant. While I was disappointed, I was also thrilled. Why? No signs of squash vine borer damage. That’s right, NONE.

I did a little happy dance (so what if the neighbors think I’m crazy) because this was the first year we didn’t lose any to that damn borer. Luckily I found a few more zucchini plants at the store, and, if all goes well, we should have some by the end of August or early September (they’re quick to mature – about 45 days). Fingers crossed it works out!



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A few weeks ago our tomatoes were looking a little shoddy. Yellow and brown spots starting appearing on the lower leaves, creeping up toward the top. It was early blight, a fungus that spreads in wet and warm weather.

Signs of early blight on the tomatoes. Wet, warm weather is usually the cause.

Signs of early blight on the tomatoes. Wet, warm weather is usually the cause.

It has been an extraordinarily wet summer (a record-setting one, at that) and we’ve had pretty hot and humid weather. So far, we seem to have it under control by picking off the affected leaves to stop its spread and increase airflow, plus spraying with copper fungicide as needed.

Our tomatoes are finally starting to turn red, which is late, but we can’t wait until they’re ready to eat!

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We’re back! I had hoped to start writing again earlier, but life got in the way. We’ll have more specific posts again soon, and this one will provide a general overview of what’s been happening in the garden.

It seems like everything is a little late this year. We’re already heading toward the end of July and not much is producing yet. We’ve pulled a couple cucumbers, the tomatoes are starting to turn red and the beans are forming. Our pepper and eggplants are producing, but the plants seem a bit shorter than usual. The hot peppers, as usual, are doing way better than the bell peppers.

Garlic has been pulled and is curing in our basement to form the papery skin that will make it last for about a year (if we don’t use it all before then). Some of our carrots are popping up, the kale seems to be getting better, and it looks like we might actually get some Brussels sprouts this year!

Finally, our zucchini and squash plants seem to be really healthy. We were diligent about checking for squash vine borer eggs and used Bt (a natural bacteria), which is supposed to stop those in their tracks.

Overall it looks promising, but we’ll see how it actually turns out!

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Hi everyone! We realize it’s been a month since we’ve posted anything and so much has been happening.

It’s been a bit hectic in the past couple months as Matt and I got married and had a fabulous honeymoon in Mexico! I plan to start posting again here this week. And there’s a lot to cover!

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A brief hiatus

I realize it’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything. Life has been a bit on the crazy side lately.

We haven’t forgotten about the blog, and there is still stuff happening in the garden as summer winds down. We’re also waiting to see how our fall vegetables progress.

We’ll share more recipes, tips and our experience soon. I promise!

Until then, happy gardening!

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