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One of our goals this year is to be more diligent about checking our plants for pests or diseases. So last night we took a stroll to check on the vegetables in the ground. I was particularly concerned about the broccoli plants because they’re in the same family as Brussels sprouts, and the cabbage white butterfly decimated those last year.

These two small slugs did quite a bit of damage to the broccoli leaf in just one day.

These two small slugs did quite a bit of damage to the broccoli leaf in just one day.

I was checking the undersides of the leaves for their eggs when I noticed some chew holes. We ripped off the affected leaf but didn’t find any evidence of the butterfly. What we did find was two small slugs.

Last summer we set beer traps around our yard to lure the slugs into an alcoholic death trap, and it was a resounding (but disgusting) success. Looks like we’ll need to buy some more tiny pie pans and a case of cheap beer and get ahead of the problem before it gets worse.

In the meantime, I spread some coffee grounds around each plant because I read that it helps. We keep those separate because it makes the kitchen collector for our compost too soggy.

Here’s a website that has some pretty interesting and natural ways to deter/kill slugs. This one also has some cool tips.

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Slimy. Small. Absolutely disgusting and totally destructive.

That’s how I describe the slugs that decided to invade our garden. The first signs appeared on our hostas and then there were a few small, irregular holes on our eggplant leaves and other vegetables. I remembered seeing a slug leave it’s slime trail on our outdoor table and then found another one on a perennial.

While I suspected that was what was chewing the leaves on plants all over our yard, I wanted to see how bad the problem was so we set beer traps all over the yard. The next morning we found out. I didn’t find just one, two or even 10 slugs in the traps. There were 50. Yes, 50.

Since we set the traps there hasn’t been as much damage, so I hope those were a deterrent to all other slugs who dare slither into our garden.

A pan full of slugs found the morning after we set our beer traps. There are about 10 in this one dish.

How to set a beer trap

  • Place small pie pans around your garden and fill with a little beer. Make sure the top of the pie pan or small dish is level with the ground.
  • The slugs are attracted to the beer an then drown after they drink their fill. Be prepared to find a few in each pan. It’s gross but works.
  • This website also has great tips for controlling slugs in the garden. It includes natural solutions such as planting deterrents such as chives. I’ve also heard that sprinkling crushed egg shells around the plants can be effective.

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