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So when I came home today, the gray devils were sitting on the edge of our raised beds. I figured it was not a good sign because they already dug up our lettuce earlier this year, and earlier this month I caught one red-handed feverishly searching for acorns in our potted plants.

Our street is lined with big, beautiful oak trees so I know why there are so many. Don’t get me wrong, I usually adore squirrels and love watching them run around, but I despise when they invade our garden.

A mixture that will repel squirrels and other critters. I hope.

I did a lot of reading this weekend about controlling pests in the garden. We’ve had more than enough to deal with this year. One consistent (and natural) deterrent I found was cayenne pepper and garlic.

I mixed a healthy amount of garlic powder and cayenne pepper in about one gallon of water in the watering can. I don’t know how much I used because, like with my cooking, I never measure.

I sprinkled the solution all around the garden and focused on the lettuce and peas, which we replanted last weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works!

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Cleaning up the beds today and we found a ton (ok, about 8) of these caterpillars hanging out on our parsley plants. They’re apparently the swallowtail butterfly and aren’t harmful so I left them alone.


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