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Good greens.

Good greens.

It was really fun last week to make a salad completely comprised of what we’ve grown – lettuce, broccoli, peas and basil.

Most of the lettuce is thinned seedlings, the broccoli is from the side shoots and the peas are our first (and probably only) crop of snow peas.

Everything was incredibly delicious, and it made us very excited for this season!

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Pickles are a staple in our house, and there is almost always at least one jar in the fridge. Last summer I was looking for a more natural way to kill weeds popping up in between the cracks in the sidewalk/paths around our house and stumbled upon an article that said pickle juice would work, so I gave it a shot. (more…)

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

After all the gardening research, reading and planning this winter, spring was supposed to be the start of a splendid gardening season.

But Ohio’s weather seems to have something else in mind. On the first day of spring this year it was 38 degrees. Last year we were seeing record-breaking temperatures around 83 degrees.

We’re now almost two full weeks into spring, and the weather pattern is still wreaking havoc on our plans. It’s been warm then cold, sunny then snowy.

Luckily we had a bit of a break this past weekend and were able to get some garden prep and planting finished. We finally removed all the weed barriers from under the raised beds, turned under the decomposing leaves, and mixed everything together with a small dose of compost from our bin. Everything was much easier and quicker with help from my fiancé and his brother!

Our broccoli transplants are in the ground. We're hoping they do well this year.

Our broccoli transplants are in the ground. We’re hoping they do well this year.

We also planted a few vegetables, even though it’s a couple weeks later than expected.

With the weather a bit colder than usual – and a few nights with below freezing temperatures – I’m a bit worried about how it will work.

Peas, lettuce, spinach and broccoli are pretty frost-tolerant so we’re hopeful they sprout and survive. I checked the broccoli yesterday morning, and the leaves were a little wilted.

When I checked again in the evening, they seemed to bounce back and are looking healthy. I might cover them tonight if the temperatures are still expected to be chilly.

I’d remove the cover (probably the landscape fabric we removed this weekend) from the broccoli in the morning, but I think I might leave it on the lettuce, spinach and peas to warm up the soil and give a small boost to the germinating seeds.

We’ll also plant another few rows of lettuce and spinach in a couple weeks so we’re not forced to eat nothing but greens for weeks when it all matures at the same time. Or it might be to replace what the squirrels decide to dig up.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but not too much has been happening in our garden until recently. Last week we were lucky enough to make our first harvest of lettuce. After much battle with squirrels eating all our broccoli and spinach seeds, the lettuce starting sprouting.

Our first harvest of lettuce.

I was pretty excited when we had enough to make a decent salad from one harvest.

When I rinsed the lettuce, I noticed a couple tiny green worms floating in the water. Kind of gross, but after a few good washes everything appeared to be normal. I did a little research and it seems like it might be the caterpillar of the cabbage butterfly. Not sure if it’s a big problem or not because our second harvest had none, and there wasn’t really much damage to the actual leaves.

We made a second sowing this weekend and I’m hoping that comes up as well as some of our first (OK, second) plantings. The seeds in random rows wherever there was space in the bed––a little haphazard, but it works.

If all goes well we should have a steady supply through the season!

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It’s almost April and we have two (well, four, actually) of our plants in the ground. A couple of weeks ago, we planted our peas, lettuce, spinach and broccoli.

The peas are doing wonderful. There are a few tiny lettuce leaves poking out of the ground but far below what we planted. I figured the seeds might have washed away because there was a pretty big rain the day after we planted everything. But I guessed wrong.

We’ve noticed a couple digging holes in the bed and when I came home from work today, there was a squirrel sitting on the edge. Then it hit me. Do squirrels eat lettuce? Yes, they do.

Our yard is crawling with squirrels (our street is lined with many, large oak trees), and it’s not uncommon to see 8-10 at a time. So, this weekend’s plan is to throw down a few more seeds and hope the squirrels move back to their acorns. If that doesn’t work, who knows? We might try planting some in containers.

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