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Transplanted volunteers waiting for their "forever home."

Transplanted volunteers waiting for their “forever home.”

Earlier this spring I wrote about a random plant making an appearance. After weeding the rest of the bed, I dug out these two seedlings and put them in small containers left over from vegetable transplants we usually buy at the garden center.

I suspect one is squash because it sprouted where we had a zucchini or yellow squash plant last year. The other was closer to the trellis, so my best guess is that it’s a cucumber.

We’re going to let them grow a little more and get sturdier before putting them in a larger pot. It’d be great if these volunteers actually turn into viable plants. If nothing else, it will save us a few bucks this season.

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Random sprout.

When we were checking our garden last week, I noticed two random plants growing in one of our raised beds.

We didn’t plant anything there yet, and last year it held cucumbers, squash and a fall crop of peas.

These leaves aren’t anything I recognize, so we’re going to let them go and see what happens.

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