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This weekend we were weeding and doing some general garden cleanup when I found this strange, brown thing in our dirt. It wasn’t a bug or anything I recognized so, as is becoming my routine, I took a picture and searched for an answer later. Turns out it was likely a cocoon of the tomato hornworm.

Tomato hornworm cocoon.

Tomato hornworm cocoon.

I don’t think we’ve had these in the past, but we did have a crappy tomato crop last year and this could be to blame. The caterpillar/worm causes a lot of damage to tomato plants, mostly chewing through leaves and stems.

We have seen large moths like the adult form of the tomato hornworm on our porch before, so maybe this has been present all along and we never knew about it. Oddly enough (or maybe it’s the garden gods giving us a warning), this was in the raised bed where we planned to plant our tomatoes this year.

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