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One of the most common tips for planning a garden (and being successful) is determining how much sunlight your garden space will get. If you’re like us, you have a limited amount of good sunny spots for growing plants like tomatoes and peppers that need lots and lots of sun to thrive.

Our house faces north, and our gardens are around the detached garage — some on the east side and some on the south side. It’s not perfectly aligned to the compass but pretty much accurate. We also have lots of trees in our yard and in surrounding yards, which make a difference in how much sunlight each spot will get during the day.

The gallery below shows how much of a difference sunlight makes to how big plants get. It’s of the hostas we have planted in almost all of our regular garden beds. Time of day and which type of sun (morning, afternoon, etc), as well as where they are planted are noted in the captions.


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