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Zucchini Leaf

Silver and white veins on the zucchini plant.

There is something different about our zucchini leaves. We noticed the veins were white, and later one turned a bit silver. It wasn’t powdery mildew because it was strictly on the veins and not the rest of the leaf.

As usual, I searched for answers and found out a couple possible causes. One, is a nutrient deficiency. Unfortunately, no one said what nutrient was needed to correct this, but I learned during my early research about plant needs that summer squash varieties love nitrogen. We put coffee grounds around each plant and we’ll see if this works to help fix the issue.

Second, it’s totally normal. A lot of forums (with pictures) said this is just how the leaves look on some varieties. We’re a bit relieved that it’s not an issue at this point and will keep a close eye on the plants.

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