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It’s becoming a summer ritual, but nothing fun like going out for ice cream or sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. Nevertheless, it begins every year around this time. We are preparing for battle against the squash vine borer.

Found several eggs on this plant -- very hard to spot

Found several eggs on this plant — very hard to spot (yes they’re in the picture)

I’ve written extensively about this problem before and always hope for the best. This summer we found vine borer eggs on our yellow squash and zucchini plants. They are hard to spot — very tiny light brown eggs laid on the plants not in clusters but individually.

My new nightly ritual for the next few weeks will be inspecting every inch of the plants, picking off and crushing any eggs I find.

Also, we’re taking a proactive approach and injecting each stem with Bt, a natural bacteria that can kill the borer if it hatches and tunnels into the vines. If the past few years are any indication, we’ll lose at least some of the zucchini and squash. If it happens again, we’re┬ádone with zucchini for at least a year or two so it can move on to someone else’s garden.


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This is still the best year we’ve ever had for zucchini but not everything is perfect.

Quite a few of the baby zucchini have formed only to shrivel and die before they grew into a decent squash. While unfortunate, it’s totally normal and just means they didn’t get properly pollinated.

There aren’t always enough bees to pollinate the flowers, so we had to take matters into our own hands. It’s actually a pretty simple process.


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