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After what seemed like an endless streak of hot weather and FOREVER without rain, the past couple weeks brought a break in the 100-degree heat and a handful of much-needed moisture from Mother Nature.

Our green beans are finally growing again and starting to climb the poles. The tomatoes are turning red, and the squash plants are blossoming. While most of that is good news, nothing is ever perfect.

We have deer repellent (cloth bags filled with meat meal and red pepper–kind of gross, but it seems to work) hanging in our woods and near the green beans to deter them from feasting on our efforts. It appeared to be effective. At least I thought so.

Last week I went outside to check on everything and noticed most of our lettuce was gone, except for a couple small clumps. Matt said he didn’t pick any so my best guess is the deer thought it would make a nice snack.

On a positive note, however, that gives us a little room to try broccoli again for a fall harvest, and some of the lettuce is the “cut-and-come-again” leaf variety so a couple gnawed plants are putting out new leaves.

It appears that everything is starting to turn around, which is a good thing!

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