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Here are the final two of our “mystery plants” found in the garden. I really have no idea what either of these are but with some searching I have a best guess — borage and carrots.

MysteryPlantsThe borage makes sense because we did have that in several beds so it’s very likely a seed or two were dropped somewhere else. But carrots? We didn’t grow any carrots last year, although we are trying them this year.

My only theory for how a carrot could possibly have gotten to our garden is our in-bed composting from this year. And maybe that’s what’s responsible for our other “mystery plants”

It’s quite possible that I cut of an end of carrot, tossed it in the compost bin and never thought of it again until this spring.

If that really is what happened — again, we’ll never know — I think that’s amazing! It shows you how resilient plants can be, and if we get a few random plants from the compost, well, that’s fine by me.


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This year we decided to try something new and saved some space in our raised beds for borage and nasturtium. Both these plants can attract beneficial insects like bees but they also repel a whole host of bugs.


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